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Voice Lessons are very useful to discover and develop the singing voice and its abilities. The intention of a voice lesson is to help the student understand how the voice works and learn how to achieve a healthy singing technique through “warm-ups,” breathing exercises, body work, understanding of our anatomy, etc., for years of singing with the best sound possible and without damaging the voice. 


These lessons are designed according to each student separately, to meet the specific needs and goals of that particular person; as each person is different, each lesson will be different and it will challenge the student’s own capacities in accordance to their current level.  Also, while aiming to produce a beautiful and healthy singing tone, artistry and musicality will be addressed as part of the process, taking time to learn and understand the basics of Music Theory, Rhythm, musical terminology, amongst other elements.  The voice lessons will provide the student with the tools and means to become a better singer, artist and ultimately, a better musician.  


The goal of the individual voice lesson is for the student to learn how to use their own singing voice to the best of its abilities in a healthy manner; also, to work on the specific technical difficulties he or she may encounter while singing, including but not limited to sound production, intonation and breathing support.  In addition, the voice lesson is intended to help create a good practice habit, to expand the student’s “warm-up” exercises knowledge and build up their performance confidence.  

Objectives & Expectations 



1. For the student to understand the voice, its functions and mechanisms; and, for the teacher to guide the student to a healthy and beautiful sound.

2. To develop the voice’s range, polish the tone and for the student to get more comfortable with their own singing voice. 

3. To achieve a good breathing technique, therefore building a stronger sense of support.

4. To create discipline; the student will learn how to practice properly and how to create a sense of engagement to this art.

5. To expand the student’s musical knowledge; also, to build up their repertoire.




1. The student will come to each lesson with a positive attitude and eager to learn. There will be an open communication between both parties; the student will express fears, insecurities, hopes, etcetera and the teacher will express constructive criticism.  

2. The student is expected to have good discipline, practice what was assigned by the teacher and come prepared to the following lesson, ready to work.

3. To build a good relationship between both parties based on respect and trust.

Fees & Policies


The current fees for IN-PERSON Voice Lessons are:

30-minute lessons: $30 for one (1); $110 for four (4); $205 for eight (8)

45-minute lessons: $40 for one (1); $150 for four (4); $285 for eight (8) 

60-minute lessons: $50 for one (1); $190 for four (4); $365 for eight (8)

The current fees for ONLINE Voice Lessons are:

30-minute lessons: $20 for one (1); $70 for four (4); $125 for eight (8) 

45-minute lessons: $30 for one (1); $110 for four (4); $205 for eight (8) 

60-minute lessons: $40 for one (1); $150 for four (4); $285 for eight (8)

*Payment: Private lessons are paid at least a week in advance of the first lesson. Amounts must be paid in full. Paypal ( and Venmo (@YayraSanchez) are the accepted methods of payment.


1. Attendance & Absences: The dates and times scheduled for the voice lessons are kept on a weekly basis, for example: every Tuesday at 1:00PM. If the student is unable to attend the lesson at any given week, the teacher must be notified with a legitimate reason* at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance; otherwise, the student will lose the right for that lesson, in which case no make-up lessons will be offered. In addition, punctuality is extremely important; the student being late will result in the loss of that lesson time.

*The teacher reserves the right to determine whether a reason is considered “legitimate." 


2. Make-up Lessons: If the instructor is unable to teach a lesson, the student will be notified as soon as possible and a make-up lesson will be scheduled at the earliest convenience of both parties.  

3. Music: The student will choose the songs he or she wants to sing and work on, during voice lessons. The student is responsible for finding any sheet music or background tracks needed, of their chosen music. The teacher will make recommendations of songs, according to voice type, level and interest. Also, the teacher will provide music, when used specifically to work on specific vocal techniques. 


4. Recording: The student is allowed and encouraged to audio-record the voice lessons; this will be very helpful for the practice time at home. However, video recording is prohibited, unless notified to the instructor in advance and agreed on by both parties.  


5. Agreement: The student or legal guardian will sign a copy our "Studio Policies" document, as confirmation that a copy was received, read and agreed upon. 

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